Therapy Dog for Autistic People

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This course will cover the basics of utilizing therapy dogs to aid individuals with autism. The goal is to develop an understanding of how dog-assisted therapies can help autistic people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We will discuss the legal, ethical, and safety considerations for working with therapy dogs as well as practical tips for selecting a therapy dog, establishing a therapeutic relationship, and setting achievable goals.

Additionally, this course will explore psychoeducation topics such as creating awareness of animal welfare issues, physical and emotional benefits of animal companionship in therapy settings; ethical considerations with regards to the therapeutic process; and strategies for staying compliant with relevant laws and regulations.


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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Evaluate different breeds of dogs suitable for use as therapy animals
  • 2. Develop appropriate plans for introducing a therapy dog into a therapeutic environment
  • 3. Identify applicable laws and regulations pertaining to service animal training and usage within therapeutic settings
  • 4. Explain how animal-assisted activities can create positive effects on an individual’s psychological functioning
  • 5. Describe common challenges associated with creating effective client/therapy dog relationships

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction & Overview

  • Introduction & Overview     

Module 2: Dog Selection & Preparation

Module 3: Establishing Therapeutic Relationships

Module 4: Evaluating Outcomes & Staying Compliant

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