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Course Content

Course: Pet CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

  • Module 1 Introduction to Pet CPR
  • Module 2. Basic Principles of Pet CPR
  • Module 3. Safety Considerations with Pet CPR
  • Module 4. Equipment Needed for Pet CPR
  • Module 5. First-hand Training in Performing Pet CPR
  • Module 6. Final Evaluation of Participants’ Knowledge & Understanding of Basic Pet CPR Techniques & Safety Protocols

Module 8: Test

Course: Dog Canine Nutrition

Module 5: Test

Course: Dog Breed & Care Training

Module 4: Final Exams

Course: Not Coming When Called Dog

Session 7: Exams

Course: New Puppy
Welcome to our New Puppy Training Course! We are so excited that you and your pup have decided to join us. This course is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to raise a happy, healthy puppy.

Module 4: Exams

Course: Dog Grooming Training

Module 7: Exams

Course: Overcoming Canine Obesity

Course: Dog Behaviour

Module 7. Test

Course: Dog Leash Pulling

Course: Dog Day care

Course: Dog Excessive Barking

Module 4. Test

Course: Dog Coughing & Sneezing

Course: Dog confidence Boosting

Course: Dog chewing

Course: Teaching Dogs Commands

Course: Therapy Dog for Autistic People

Course: Separating dog’s fight

Senior Dog care

Course: Keeping Your Canine Cool in Summer

Course: Dog Massage

Course: Getting Rid with Dog Bad Breath

Course: Dog Training and Pet Care

Course: Dog Training

Course: Dry and wet dog foods

Course: Dog Walker

Course: Common diseases with older dogs

Course: Toy Poodle Health Risks

Course: Treating Paw Pad Injuries

Course: Canine Specialist Training

Course: Canine Communication

Course: Caring for dog with chronic kidney failure

Course: 30 golden rules for dog ownership

Course: Animal Health

Course: Animal Reiki Training

Course: Responsible Dog Ownership

Course: Preventing & Treating Dog Accidents

Course: Prevention of Gum Disease & Serious Challenges

Course: Playing Indoor Activities with Dogs

Course: Dog Behavioral Issues

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