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Welcome to the Senior Dog Training course! This course is designed to help senior dogs stay mentally and physically active, even in their later years.

Through this training program, we will teach you how to safely exercise your older pet while also providing enrichment activities that keep them healthy and happy.

We’ll cover things like proper diet, grooming, and behavior modification so that you can ensure your aging pup remains healthy and comfortable.

You’ll learn how to successfully manage common health issues as well as how to make necessary lifestyle changes for a healthier companionship with your senior pooch.

Join us today and start giving your beloved pet the support they need in their golden years!


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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Build positive behaviors in senior dogs, including following commands and responding to cues.
  • 2. Teach senior dogs to stay engaged and consistently respond to verbal and non-verbal commands.
  • 3. Reduce fear, anxiety, and unwanted behaviors in senior dogs through consistent training sessions.
  • 4. Strengthen the bond between dog owners and their aged companions by teaching both parties how to communicate effectively with each other.

Course Content

Module 1: Understanding Your Senior Dog

  • Understanding Your Senior Dog

Module 2: Exercise for Senior Dogs

Module 3: Nutrition for Senior Dogs

Module 4: Behavioral Modification Techniques in Older Dogs

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