Dog Leash Pulling

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About Course


Welcome to the Dog Leash Pulling Training Course!

This course has been designed to help you teach your dog good manners on leash and prepare him/her for walks.

We’ll cover the fundamentals of leash walking and how to effectively control your dog without relying on force.

With the knowledge you learn in this course, you can keep your dog safe, prevent accidents, and make walking together a more pleasurable experience for both of you. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you and helping you build a great relationship with your pet.


What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Understand the fundamentals of leash handling, including safe and effective control of a dog on a leash.
  • 2. Learn how to use various visual and verbal cues to reinforce positive behavior during walks.
  • 3. Develop an understanding of how to modify behavior through reward training and consistent commands.
  • 4. Identify common issues related to pulling, such as excitement and fear, along with strategies to address those behaviors effectively.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction

Module 2: Basic Walking with a Leash

Module 3: Introducing Target Commands

Module 4: Desensitization and Counter Conditioning

Module 5: Eliminating the Pull

Module 6: Troubleshooting

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