Dog confidence Boosting

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About Course


Welcome to the Dog Confidence Boosting course! This course is designed to help dogs, and their owners, build strong relationships based on trust and understanding.

Our goal is to educate, guide, and support all participants throughout this journey of newfound confidence in both dog and human alike.

During this training, we will cover topics such as: positive reinforcement techniques; basic commands; canine body language; problem solving; managing fear aggression; playtime activities; teaching patience and impulse control; socialization with other animals/people; crate training; off-leash exercises and more.

Throughout the duration of the course, our instructors will be available for one-on-one assistance with any issues or questions that may arise during your training sessions either through telephone or email communication.

We will also provide additional resources such as recommended reading material for both you and your pup to supplement your learning experience.

At the end of each session, you can expect a short assessment in order to gauge what has been learned by both you and your pet companion.

We look forward to this journey with you towards a more confident relationship between pet and owner!


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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Learn how to recognize signs of fear, stress, and anxiety in dogs
  • 2. Develop strategies to reduce fear and increase confidence
  • 3. Understand the basics of how dogs learn and apply this knowledge to create a successful training plan
  • 4. Identify common mistakes that cause fear or stress in dogs and avoid them during training

Course Content

Module 1 – Understanding Dog Behaviour

  • Understanding Dog Behaviour

Module 2 – Building Relationships with Dogs

Module 3 – Developing Self-Confidence in Dogs

Module 4 – Group Activities for Dog Confidence Boosting

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