Dog Behaviour

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About Course


Welcome to the Dog Behaviour Training Course! This comprehensive course is designed to build your knowledge and understanding of how dog behaviour works. You will learn about canine communication, body language, and how dogs interact with their environment. We will also cover topics ranging from basic behaviours such as obedience and housetraining, to more advanced topics like aggression and problem solving. Through lectures, demonstrations, and first-hand activities, you will gain the skills and confidence needed to effectively train your canine friend. Our goal is for all participants to leave this course with a better understanding of how to work with their own unique dog.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Identify key factors influencing dog behaviour.
  • - Understand the basic principles of canine body language and communication.
  • - Develop a deeper understanding of how dogs learn, think, and process their environment.
  • - Learn tools and techniques for managing, modifying, and preventing problem behaviours in dogs.
  • - Design effective training plans for teaching desirable behaviours to individual canines.

Course Content

Module 1. Introduction to Dog Behaviour

  • Introduction to Dog Behaviour

Module 2. Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

Module 3. Training Basics for Obedience, Behaviour Modification & Socialization

Module 4. Advanced Canine Behavioural Issues

Module 5. Practical Exercises & Evaluating Progress

Module 6. After Care & Follow-up Support

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